• Sean Long Signature San Dimas® Style 1

    The all-new Sean Long Signature Pro-Mod San Dimas® Style 1 HH HT M is a formidable model designed to keep up with his high-speed playing, scorching sound and sinister, yet eccentric style.

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  • Angel Vivaldi DK24 NOVA

    Charvel® proudly collaborated with the New Jersey native to bring you the Angel Vivaldi Signature DK24 Nova — an axe that packs as much phenomenal force as the man playing it.

    Available in both 6-and-7-string variants, Vivaldi’s Nova offers it all – spectacular style, enhanced engineering for brazen playing finesse and rich tone that erupts with versatility. From the body contouring for maximum playing comfort to the tilt-back reverse headstock for improved string intonation and the dynamic DiMarzio® Tone Zone® bridge and DiMarzio Air Norton™ neck pickups, the Nova sets the bar high for contemporary guitar design.

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Presenting the New Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal HSS Models