• Satchel Signature Pro-Mod DK

    Laugh all you want while headbanging along to Steel Panther’s satirically swaggering take on Reagan-era Sunset Strip glam metal, but there’s just no arguing with the ferociously slamming chops of guitarist Russ "Satchel" Parrish. Simply put, nobody puts the 1987 into today like Parrish and his metalloid feline cohorts, and Charvel is excited to deliver a huge horns-up in the tiger-striped form of the Satchel Signature Pro-Mod DK.

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  • Angel Vivaldi DK24-7 NOVA

    Angel Vivaldi’s Signature DK24-7 Nova offers it all – spectacular style, enhanced engineering for brazen playing finesse and rich tone that erupts with versatility. From the body contouring for maximum playing comfort to the tilt-back reverse headstock for improved string intonation and the dynamic DiMarzio® Air Norton™ humbucking pickups, the Nova sets the bar high for contemporary guitar design.

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Pro-Mod DK24 2PT HH CM