San Dimas® Style 1

Named after its birthplace in San Dimas, California, the San Dimas® Style 1 was the direct result of a flashy new early-'80s generation of dazzlingly talented and technically advanced Southern California guitarists who sought instruments loaded with high-performance refinements. To this day, our Charvel San Dimas Style 1 guitars continue to lead the way in cutting-edge technology and innovation, and remain the weapon of choice for some of the world’s finest players.

San Dimas Style 1


USA Select San Dimas® Style 1 HSS HT
Pitch Black
Pro-Mod San Dimas® Style 1 HH FR M
Matte Blue Frost
Warren DeMartini Signature Pro-Mod Blood and Skull
Skulls Graphic
Warren DeMartini Signature Pro-Mod Snake
Snakeskin Graphic
Jake E Lee USA Signature
Pearl White with Lavendar Hue
Warren DeMartini USA Signature San Dimas®
Skulls Graphic
Warren DeMartini USA Signature Snake
Snakeskin Graphic