Pro-Mod San Dimas® Bass

Modded for More

Charvel makes a bold entry into the bass category with the brand-new Charvel® Pro-Mod San Dimas® Bass PJ IV and San Dimas® Bass JJ V. These sleek instruments combine throwback Charvel DNA from the company’s earliest bass models with modern appointments for a high-performance bass built to do more.

Designed for those who defy the status quo and want even more from their bass, these models come loaded with a deeper cutaway for effortless upper register access, super-thin bolt-on caramelized maple speed neck, 12”-16” compound radius caramelized maple fingerboard with rolled edges and 20 jumbo frets, Luminlay® side dots, heel-mount truss rod adjustment wheel, powerhouse DiMarzio® pickups, versatile electronic control layout, Charvel HiMass™ bridge, Graph Tech® TUSQ® XL nut and more.

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Front Features

Charvel® HiMass™ Bridge

The Charvel HiMass™ bridge was engineered to enhance the instrument’s sustain, resonance and attack without altering tone. This bridge also maintains excellent tuning stability throughout aggressive styles of play.

DiMarzio® Pickups

These models feature powerhouse DiMarzio pickups, just like our original Charvel basses from the '80s. JJ models feature Area J™ DP551 bridge and Area J DP550 middle pickups, while the PJ models feature Model J™ DP123 bridge and Model P® DP122 middle pickups.

Heel-Mount Truss Rod Adjustment Wheel

A conveniently located heel-mount truss rod adjustment wheel allows for rapid neck relief tweaks, even in between songs.

12"-16" Compound Radius Caramelized Maple Fingerboard with Rolled Edges

With the innovative 12"-16" compound radius design, the caramelized maple fingerboard gradually flattens toward the heel from its more rounded profile at the nut. This makes for comfortable and natural-feeling chording and riffing near the nut, with optimal shred articulation and bending nearer the heel.

Licensed Fender® Precision Bass® Headstock Shape

A licensed Fender Precision Bass® headstock gives these high-performance hot rod instruments a touch of traditional design.

Master Volume, Pickup Blend and 3-Band Active EQ

The master volume control, pickup blend control and three-band active EQ (bass, mid and treble) provide versatile tonal exploration.

Back Features

Unique Charvel Back Neck Shape

Charvel neck shapes are slimmer and narrower than traditional guitar necks with comfortable rolled fingerboard edges, optimized for high performance.

Bolt-On Neck with Graphite Reinforcement

The bolt-on neck has a pair of graphite-reinforcement rods to resist bending and warping under environmental stresses.

Contoured Body

The upper bout of the body is rounded and contoured, forming to the players torso for ultimate comfortablity and ease of playing.

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