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Jens Lundgren

Crazy Lixx

"I love the superior tone, quality and performance [of my Charvel]. They look awesome too!"
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Mick Hynes

Dead Label

"The Charvel So Cal has one of the best necks I have ever played in my career, and I’ve played and owned hundreds of guitars over the years. These necks are simply incredible and inspire my playing every time I pick one up."
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Jimi Bell


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Mike Martin

All That Remains

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Steven Sanders

Spoil Engine

"With a classic look yet modern feel and sound, the Chavel Pro-Mod San Dimas is the perfect axe for me. It’s at home both live and in the studio and really is the business."
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Clint Vincent

Dead Letter Circus

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John Taylor

Young Guns

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Doug Scarratt


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Henry Ryan