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Jimm Lindsley

Sirens & Sailors

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In the world of music, they have their own definition. Ferocious, aggressive, and passionate are the words that would come to mind when viewing Sirens & Sailors from a crowd standpoint. Since forming in 2005, the group has experienced the ups and downs of a music industry still trying to figure itself out. However, the group has remained true to its initial reason of forming. To play music they love, to share it with those who are willing to listen, and to reach their life long goals one step at a time. With two releases under their belt, a five song and a full length record, SANDS (as some people like to abbreviate their name to) have continued to push the bar of progressive metal music, while maintaining a rapidly growing fan base. With a DIY work ethic, the band has managed to tour the east coast multiple times, and just recently brought their talents on tour from New York to Texas. With touring plans already designated for the near future, and more new releases to come, Sirens & Sailors have got us buzzing about what their next move is going to be, while we all wait anxiously to find out.