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Dave Nassie

Bleeding Through

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Dave Nassie started playing guitar at the age of nine years old after being shown the way by a neighbor and early guitar mentor. Studies began immediately at local schools in Orange County California. After studying the theory courses taught by Howard Antmann and technique studies with the late Brian Jones, Dave started teaching as well at the age of 14 at the Antmann School Of Music.“It all began moving forward when I started working with Shrapnel recording artist JoeyTafolla” says Dave.“Through him I was introduced to drummer BrooksWackerman.“ Dave started working with Brooks and and his then line up when he replacedThomas McRocklin in SteveVai’s project Bad 4 Good.The band quickly changed it’s name and played locally for the next 2 years.At that time Dave then joined as a member of Infectious Grooves. Several recordings and many years of touring were to follow and other opportunities.

A short stint on Bass for Suicidal Tendancies, additional recordings, and of course some shows kept him busy until 1999.At that time Dave then joined No Use For A Name.“Absolutely one of the best experiences and ten years of my life!” Five records later in the summer of 2009 Dave then joined his current group BleedingThrough.“This band has been the most special experience of my life, I am so thankful.” Dave has spent his years in Bleeding Through recording and touring extensively to support their efforts. Over the past two years Dave has done several clinics and guest sessions at schools throughout the world. As well as developing a strong presents on the web with lesson tutorials.“Skype lessons and clinics have been my focus over the past months. I feel so lucky to have so many students and I have broadened my teachings through the use of Skype.” Influences include: Eddie Van Halen, Shawn Lane, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King.To name a short few.....