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Aaron Abeyta, known as El Hefe or simply Hefe, from el jefe (Spanish for “the boss”), is the most recent member of the legendary and seminal California punk band NOFX. Given this name by his fellow band members for his superior mastery of the insturments he plays, Hefe plays lead guitar, and provides trumpet parts whenever they are necessary. It has also been said that he was given the moniker because there were already two “Erics” in the band, and that an “Aaron” would just be too much.  He also contributes vocals. Known for his self-effacing sense of humour, charisma, and many voice impersonations (Beavis and Butthead, Yogi Bear, and other well-known cartoon characters), El Hefe has been with NOFX since 1991. His first recordings with NOFX contributed to NOFX’s EP, The Longest Line. He once owned a night club called ‘Hefe’s’ and lives in McKinleyville, California. He’s often mistakenly credited for playing the role of Miguel Aguilar in the movie The Bad News Bears and its sequels in the 1970s; that actor’s name is George Gonzales.